About us

The Tamburjaši are the oldest group in the Tambouritza Music Society of Vipava. The members of this group include 12 secondary school and university level students. The name of the group was created in 2008 and it includes mention of a characteristic that is typical of the region from which it originates – the bora, or the north-eastern wind.  In their repertoire, the Tamburjaši include original tambouritza compositions,  traditional and national folk songs and arrangements of classical and popular music. The group holds independent concerts, takes part in national and international festivals and competitions. They perform at public events and, with their music, enrich various types of special occasions – from weddings to corporate events, gala dinners, anniversaries and etc. The group often works in cooperation with other Tambouritza and general choirs and also with vocal and instrumental soloists. As well as performing at home, the Tamburjaši have been on tours in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Their perseverance, dedication and professionalism has earned them many golden awards at both national and international competitions. Their last gold title with commendation was achieved at a national competition held on April the 16th of this year in Lendava.

Since its very establishment, the Tamburjaši Music Society has been professionally and organizationally led by Ms. Vlasta Lokar Lavrenčič and is headed by postgraduate student of orchestral conduction at the University of Ljubljana's Academy of Music, Ms. Mojca Lavrenčič.